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Be Amazing – Transformational Bursaries

CHS has always been a beacon of opportunity. Our School was founded on the principle of helping young people gain the best start in life. Since 2012 alone, we have raised over £4 million for disadvantaged young people, but now we want to go further.

Unlike previous bursary campaigns, our new drive will focus on the most vulnerable young people in our local area. Some of these will come from deprived or challenging backgrounds, others from failing schools or may live in areas of Greater Manchester where life chances are limited.

Our aim is to fund 3 new students each year for the next 5 years who stand out as being able to gain most from, and contribute most to a CHS education.

The Deputy Head for Admissions, Service and Partnerships has begun working with local state schools and charities to identify young people who will make the most of these incredible opportunities. Each young person will receive 110% bursaries designed to make a transformational impact, allowing them to fulfil their potential and pursue anything they aspire to.

As well as fees, the bursaries cover all the additional costs associated with a CHS education, including uniform, an iPad, lunches, travel costs and support for a number of trips during their time at CHS.  Each student would also have a dedicated pastoral support programme to ensure they fully integrate into life at CHS.