A Level Results Day 2018

A Level Results Day 2018

As our A Level students enter through our doors to pick up their results, we wanted to recognise those that have done well, those that have exceeded expectations and those that plan to go on to do great things. We’ll be updating the blog as the day goes on so make sure to check back for more updates on our students and their stories…

Bel Wardle

“My dream job would be a professional golfer.” Bel Wardle

Destination: Golf scholarship at UCLA

Field: Sports

Next steps: Leaving for America on Saturday, has golf competitions coming up already, including one in Minnesota. Bel can’t wait to get there and start playing loads of golf.


Amy Dunning and Jess Taylor

“Make sure to pick the right subject for you.” Amy Dunning and Jess Taylor

Destination: Oxford and Edinburgh

Field: Language and Veterinary Science

Advice for future students: Pick a subject you love and don’t give up on getting into your dream university, you’ve just got to try.



Harry Oakes

“Don’t leave everything to the last minute!” Harry Oakes

Destination: UCL

Field: Economics

Looking forward to: London life

Advice for future students: Start working from day one and keep going throughout the year; don’t leave everything to the last minute!


Oscar Jones

“Do what you love.” Oscar Jones

Destination: Imperial

Field: Engineering

Looking forward to: Getting stuck into all aspects of the course

Advice for future students: Do what you love.


Hannah McColgan

“Believe in your dreams.”Hannah McColgan

Destination: Northwestern (US)

Field: Tennis scholarship

Advice for future students: Work really hard and don’t worry about your results.



Jess Appleby (Head Girl)

“Make the most of your time; it goes quickly!”Jess Appleby

Destination: Keele University

Field: Medicine

Advice for future students: Make the most of your time in sixth form because it goes quickly and try to get involved in all aspects of school life.



Rahin Kumar

“Make the most of your time; it goes quickly!”Rahin Kumar

Destination: NYU

Field: Liberal Arts

Things you’ll miss: I’m really going to miss the teachers at CHS.

Advice for future students: Work hard and enjoy it, it’ll be over before you know it.


Genevieve Jeffcoate

“I’m really happy with my results and can’t wait to start at Oxford.”Genevieve Jeffcoate

Destination: Oxford Queen’s College

Field: Languages (French and German)

Things to look forward to: Meeting people with a passion for the same subject as me.