New School Year Thoughts

A new school year at CHS has begun and the students are getting back into their busy routines. We asked them how they feel about the new year and what they are most excited about at CHS.

Rosie, Year 10, said: “At the start of a new school year there is always a lot going on, with the new time- table, getting your new books and new teaching sets for everything. And because I am going into year 10 this year and starting my GCSEs, it’s important to have a good start to the year. We have had many study sessions and assemblies about our exams and how to get the best grades we can on them which, at the time, seemed intense, however, reflecting on them now I see the value they had, as I have gone into year 10 feeling prepared and ready.


“Although getting up much earlier than I had been in the summer was a shock, the excitement of starting a new school year soon arose. I was most looking forward to getting to know my new teachers, some I have had but before, but lots of new ones as well. A new year of school also feels like a fresh start. I get new books and folders for every subject and can keep them nice and neat. Restarting all the winter clubs is also something I look forward too as I haven’t play netball since last winter and I haven’t played football with my team all summer. The one thing I most look forward to is the school dinners, there are so many options and I enjoy all fruit they have on offer and I love the Caesar salad. There are many exciting events this school year, and I am ready to work hard and have fun for the next two years before my GCSEs.”

rosie 2.JPG


Oliver, Year 7, said:  “I have really enjoyed my time at CHS so far in the seniors. I have been at CHS since reception but seniors is still a big change. At the start I was nervous as there were no boys from the junior school in my class, but I soon made new friends in my form, and on the sports field.  The sport is amazing at CHS and it’s a great way to meet new friends. Even though there is a lot more homework if you work hard in class it should be easy. The food is great with lots of options, grab and go is really handy when I have sport at lunchtime. I’m really enjoying my time in the seniors so far.”

oliver year 7.jpg


Jack, Year 6, said: “I am really excited to start the new year. I can’t wait for some of the things we have got planned. I cannot wait until the trips that we are going on. I am a little nervous about the entrance exam but we’ve been working really hard. I hope to get picked for the sports trip to Jersey. I am looking forward to some sport fixtures that have been planned. I think being the oldest in the school gives us great opportunities but also will be great fun.”

jack year 6.jpg

Joseph, Upper Sixth, Said: “The first day of school brings about an unrivalled mixture of nerves and excitement. The excitement of being reunited with friends and the nerves of the tough academic year ahead are like no other and especially this year for me as I embark on my last year at CHS.


Apart from the obvious priorities of my upcoming A-levels, it is all the other things that CHS entails that I will truly cherish, such as pushing new campaigns with the school council or reaching new heights with my First XI football team mates as we seek success in our national football campaign. It’s all these things that will make me truly try to make the most of my final year at CHS.

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Sasha, Year 6, said: “I feel excited about the new year at school and ready to step up to be in the top year of juniors. I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends and representing the school by going on sports fixtures. I do hockey, netball, swimming, rounders, football and athletics. I like the fact there is lots of chance to try different sports. This year we going to do rugby and cricket as well, I am glad that we get to do these sports.

“The only think I am nervous about is the entrance exams. My main aims are getting into the senior school and being on the school council so that I can represent my class and have pizza for lunch! In year 6 we also get more responsibility and get to help out in the infant playground.

“I think the best thing about year 6 will be after the entrance exams when we have the bake off week and make bread. I’m also excited about the trip to Plas Menai where we do lots of water sports. I’m doing kayaking club this term to try get some practice. I also really hope that I’m able to go on the sports trip to jersey.”