Peter Bullock Award 2020

Whilst lockdown has prevented us hosting CHS’s annual Peter Bullock Physics Award evening in School, science doesn’t stop! This year our presentation event was judged virtually. Now we have our winners, on this page you can see the winning entries along with the rest of each student’s presentation entry which they have worked so hard preparing.

CHS Head of Physics, Mr Winslow announced the winners of the awards. he said: “It has been with the greatest of pleasure that Peter Bullock and myself have watched and read the pupil presentations which we received during the lock-down.
Firstly, may I congratulate everyone who entered for the high standard of the presentations and thank them for their wonderful contributions.”

Congrationaltion to the winners:

In Joint First Place:     Miliani Fraser-Fletcher & Hugo Ryan
Sole Runner up:          Megan Upton
Highly Commended:  Isobel Curry, Teri Devlin, Lily Faust, Raees Gul, Morgan Pittaway, Rosie Richardson, Joe Tabachnik, Amy Upton.

Here is CHS Head of Physics, Mr Winslow to introduce the prize:

Have a look at all the amazing entries below:

Senior School Entries:

Lily Faust Year 9 – Black Holes

Megan Upton Year 9 – Black Holes

Morgan Pittaway Year 9 – Space Time

Morgan wrote this paper and recorded audio to go along with it.

Isobel Curry Year 9 – Properties of Light

GCSE Entries:

Miliani Fraser-Fletcher Year 11 – Taking the first image of a black hole

Raees Gul Year 10 – The Physics of Flight

Rosie Richardson Year 10 – Pulsars

You can view Rosie’s presentation here.

Here is a transcript of Rosie’s presentation.

Hugo Ryan Year 10 – Stellar Engines

Amy Upton Year 11 – The Schrödinger’s Cat paradox

View Amy’s presentation here.

Sixth Form Entries:

Teri Devlin Upper Sixth – Seeing things which don’t exist

View Teri’s presentation here.

Joe Tabachnik Lower Sixth – Time Dilation