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In The Community

"Pupils believe that their proudest achievements are in the amount of money they raise each year for charity, both local and overseas, and their voluntary work in the community." - ISI Inspection, April 2017

Students learn to value, enrich and serve their community

Through participating in charity work students learn to value, serve and enrich their community - a philosophy that will stay with them forever.

Each year the Junior School holds an annual Charity Day to raise funds for national and international charities nominated by the students. The Day is organised wholly by the students, giving them valuable experience in planning, organisational and team work skills, as well as raising awareness of charitable causes.

All charitable work in the Senior School is overseen by The Charities Committee who meet on a fortnightly basis to co-ordinate events across the School and promote the impact of the charitable work to the wider School community.

The School has enjoyed as association with schools in The Gambia since 1998 and this remains an on-going focus for School-wide charitable activities. Over the years, students have raised funds to repair the school building, build a well and buy furniture and equipment for the students.

Our Environment

The Cheadle Hulme School Green Committe, made up of students and staff, meets regularly to consider ways of cutting gas and electricity usage, analysing patterns of travel to School and ways in which students can be encouraged to cycle, walk or use public transport.


Sharing Facilities

School buildings and facilities, in particular our sporting facilities, are regularly made available for use by local comunity groups at a reasonable rate. These are overseen by CHS Enterprises Ltd.


Cheadle Hulme School with daffodils

Cheadle Hulme Neighbourhood

Our vision is to engage and foster productive, long-term relationships with our neighbours and local community, as well as local schools and businesses. We hope to achieve this by sharing ideas with community groups and providing our neighbours with opportunities to benefit from, participate in or contribute to School life.

The School regularly works with the Hulme Hall Area Neighbourhood Voice to share news, discuss plans and work together on resolving issues. If you would like to sign up to their newsletter please contact

The School values a good relationship with its neighbours and regularly asks parents and other visitors not park in the streets surrounding the School, but where they do - we ask that they do so responsibly.  To alleviate pressure on parking, Stockport Council’s Planning and Highways Committee have approved the use of our Coach Drop-off & Pick-Up Area for some visitor parking on the follow schedule of Large Events Requiring Additional Parking.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of School life please submit a general enquiry to the Chief Operating Officer’s team via the “Get In Touch” form or email

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