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22nd Feb

Food for Thought
It was a lucky-dip lunchtime for students and staff on CHS World Food Day, as they were allocated a random lunch ticket based on the percentage of the world’s population who are hungry, homeless or wealthy enough to waste food.
The event was organised as part of Philanthropy Week, raising awareness of the act of giving in all its forms and highlighting the plight of those less fortunate.
Almost half of students and staff ate a lunch of rice and beans, marking the world’s population who are hungry and die from starvation each year. A third were given soup and bread, raising awareness of the 2000 people who ‘sleep rough’ on any given night in the UK and who rely on Soup Kitchens for food. Finally, a lucky 15% were treated to a roast beef dinner with luxury pudding, signifying the wealth of the population who throw away over seven million tonnes of food from their homes each year in the UK alone.
Students were given information as they dined, helping them understand the meaning of World Food Day and encouraging them to spare a thought for those in greater need.
Philanthropy Week comprises of a series of events and activities throughout the School, highlighting the benefits of philanthropy and celebrating the act of giving.
Food for Thought

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