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20th Feb

Philanthropic Foodstuffs
Fortunes and superfoods were on the menu at CHS during Philanthropy Week, when students and staff learnt about the benefits of giving, over lunch.
Diners were dished-up a fortune cookie each, offering them an inspirational quote from various famous, historical philanthropists.
The messages in each cookie were designed to encourage the whole School community to consider the benefits of philanthropy and to inspire them to find ways in which they too could be more philanthropic.
Another day of philanthropic foods came in the form of Superfood Day, when menus were changed to include a range of healthy foods, of particular benefit to fighting common diseases. The meal, which included treats ranging from curly kale to blueberries, helped to raise awareness of the work which charities do to support those with cancer and heart disease and to promote the prevention of illness.
Philanthropy Week, organised by the School’s Development Office in collaboration with caterers Sodexo, led by Catering Manager and Charity Coordinator Mr Rob Lawton, included a variety of events and activities to celebrate philanthropy in all its forms.
Philanthropic Foodstuffs

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