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Pupil Welfare

"Pupils of all ages develop a strong set of personal values, and in accordance with the school's aim, learn to value themselves and others.  They are developing in to happy, thoughtful, modest and kind young people who exhibit a quiet confidence in their own abilities and self-worth." - ISI Inspection, April 2017

Enable, empower, aspire, become......

CHS has a reputation for outstanding pastoral care; the School’s motto ‘in loco parentis’ is as relevant today as it has ever been and the well-being of every student remains a priority.

Our Aims for Pastoral Care:


  • Every student to fulfil their own potential both academically and socially;
  • Every student to have access to personal, vocational and academic guidance;
  • Every student to develop the self-awareness and self-confidence to respond positively to challenge.
  • To establish and maintain effective relationships with every parent so that we work together for the benefit of their children;
  • To create a caring environment where students are valued for who they are, not just for what they can do;
  • To develop in our students the core Waconian values of Integrity, Compassion, Endeavour, Resilience and Contribution.
Our Understanding of Pastoral Care

'pastoral care provides the wisdom to know what to do with the knowledge'

Pastoral Care at CHS is not just about dealing with things when they go wrong; it is about developing habits and understanding within every student to enable them to flourish.

Pastoral Care at CHS falls into three areas:


  1. Pastoral Curriculum - this includes both the 'hidden curriculum' that is the ethos and values of the School, the day to day relationships between staff and students, the opportunities for moral, spiritual, social and cultural development as well as the more formal and overt Well Being Curriculum and Pastoral Programme.
  2. Pastoral Support- where individual students who are having problems be they of an academic, social, emotional or behavioural nature are effectively supported by the pastoral team.
  3. Pastoral Control - a clear and consistently implemented discipline system that commends good conduct whilst acknowledging and challenging inappropriate behaviour.  Through our code of conduct and expectations, students are encouraged to exercise individual and social responsibility, a vital ingredient to pastoral care.