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Senior School House System

The CHS House System gives students an opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities as a team with a shared goal. It also allows students to experience and learn the value of leadership. Philanthropy is an integral part of our ethos at Cheadle Hulme School. Students in each House select a House charity and raise funds with events and activities which students organise and run throughout the year. This is coordinated through the student led Charity Committee.

Upon joining CHS in Year 7, students and their Form Tutors are allocated to one of the four houses. The students wear School ties with their House colour. 

In Year 7, students have the opportunity to work with others in their own year group and also alongside older students. 

All House competitions are run under three categories - Academic, Active and Altrustic.

Each competition has different weightings for points, for instance, whole School competitions carry more points.

There are winners in each of the three areas plus an overall House winner which is announced in Assembly.

The reward for every success is House points.

Currently the Heads of House are:

ALLEN: Mrs Patrick

CLARKE: Mr Sparrow

MARSH: Mrs Maw