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Senior School House System

The CHS House System gives students an opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities as a team with a shared goal. It also allows students to experience and learn the value of leadership. Philanthropy is an integral part of our ethos at CHS and each House supports a different charity, raising funds and awareness of their cause throughout every activity.

Frequently asked questions

How many Houses are there?

There are four Houses in the Senior School.

Do the different Houses focus on different interests?

All our Houses take part in the same competitions and all our competitions run under three categories: Altruistic, Academic and Active. The only difference is that each House supports a different charity.

How are students allocated to a House?

Students are randomly allocated to a House.

Are siblings always in the same Houses?

Wherever possible, we try to ensure siblings are in the same House but we are unable to guarantee this.

How do you know who is in each House?

Every student has their own House Tie. The colour change represents each House.

What is the role of House points?

All House competitions are run under three categories - Academic, Active and Altrustic. Different competitions will have different weightings for points (for instance, whole School competitions carry more points). There are winners in each of the three areas plus an overall House winner which is announced in the End of Term Assembly. The reward for every success is House points.

If a House comes first in an inter-School event, what do the students win?

It depends on the size and scale of the competition. Some have medals, trophies and shields. The shield for the overall winner is presented to the House Captain during our End of Term Assembly.

How are House Captains chosen?

At the start of each academic year, students are invited to apply for the position of House Captain by submitting a letter of application. Our Heads of Houses select two House Captains per year group.

What's the history behind the House names?

Each of our Houses are named after a former Foundationer student.  All of these students excelled in their chosen fields - often despite difficult beginnings - both during their time at CHS and beyond.

Are there Houses in the Junior School?

There are four Houses in the Junior School – Heywood, Langworthy, Watts and Westhead and each pupil is a member of one of the Houses. In Year 6, each term, one boy and one girl are elected by their House to become its captain.