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Infant & Junior Leadership

Throughout the entire School, pupils are encouraged to take on positions of responsibility which not only benefit the wider School community but give them the chance to develop communication skills and team work.

There are a variety of leadership opportunities available to different age groups, beginning with Student Voice from Year 1. 

Female student crawling through tunnel on sports day helped by male student

Student Voice

Student Voice unifies the School. A programme of steps, it begins in Year 1 as Pupil Voice. This feeds in to the Junior School Council then runs all the way through School up to the Upper Sixth, where it culminates in the School Council.

Students take responsibility from a young age to represent their Form group by gathering opinions and suggestions for improvements, to raise at the fortnightly meetings and then feed back to their Forms. The meetings are run by the Head of Year Student Manager and a member of the School Council. 

Junior School Council

The Junior School Council gives pupils the opportunity to take part in decision making and to discuss future School development. Recent meetings have involved discussions about playground equipment, healthy eating, and voting for their chosen Charity Day causes, selected by the pupils each year. Junior School Councillors also meet with the Sixth Form Council. Two representatives from Years 1 to 6 are elected from each class and serve on the Council for half a year. The Council members may be asked to represent the School on formal occasions, to liaise with staff and visitors, judge competitions and to attend meetings and provide feedback to their Forms.

House Captains

There are four Houses in the Junior School - Heywood, Langworthy, Watts and Westhead and each pupil is a member of one of the Houses. Houses compete against each other in sporting events and quizzes and pupils are awarded house points for academic achievement and contribution to School life. 

Year 6 pupils are elected as Captains by pupils in their House each term and are given various leadership tasks such as taking it in turns to present their own assembly. Most recently the House Captains each gave a different presentation on British Values. 

Team Captains

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 who join Junior Sports teams can be appointed Captain of their team. More information on Junior Sports Teams can be found on the Sports pages.

Infant Leadership Opportunities

As well as having the opportunity to become a member of the School Council, Year 2 and Year 6 pupils are given leadership responsibilities and can apply to look after younger pupils as a 'playground buddy'.

The teachers will select pupils to help keep a watchful eye on the younger children during playtimes, spotting anyone who is lonely or may need a friend as well as organising games and collecting the playground equipment in at the end of the sessions. They can be easily identified by their yellow badge and red baseball cap!

Classroom Monitors

Monitors are appointed in all classes by their Form Teacher each term. 

Infant Librarians

Each term pupils in the Infants are given the chance to become Infant Librarians. Pupils are given the responsibility of returning books to the correct place, attaching stickers to new books and generally helping to keep the library tidy and ship-shape for their classmates.