Goodwill in The Gambia

The eighth biennial trip to The Gambian High School featured the opening of new buildings, new wells and a game of football with a goat.

Twenty-four Sixth Form Geographers were guided by students from the school, who provided an insight into the way of life in The Gambia. The group visited projects supported by CHS, with money raised from the School’s annual Charity Hike, including new school buildings, a new staff room and a village soap making business.

A highlight of the visit was a football game with the local villagers, which also included some input from a stray goat and a pitch invasion by an angry donkey!

“From a face-to-face encounter with a crocodile to meeting the woman of the village who is now able to send her daughters to school from the profits of the soap business we have helped to fund, this was a once in a lifetime experience,” said Head of Geography, Mr Andy Cawtherley.

“Alongside the invaluable support to their Geography studies, students were also able to witness first-hand the results of their fundraising efforts.”

In addition to financial support, the CHS students were delighted to take gifts of stationery, sports kit, drinks bottles and mobile phones. Three laptops were also given to the The Gambian High School, including one donated by IT supplier, Misco.

Goodwill in the Gambia