Junior Designers Show Passion for Fashion

Year 5 showed a passion for fashion when they modelled T-shirts decorated with their own logo designs during a stylish photo shoot.
Working on a project about Logo Design, the young fashionistas spent time researching famous branding, considering the purposes and perception of different symbols and what makes a brand so iconic. 
Using what they had learned, the pupils created a unique logo for their own area of interest. Among the designs were emblems for pet shops and cake shops, concerts, racing days, yoga and other sports.
The logos were then printed onto T-shirts and the music room transformed into a stylish photography studio where the pupils practiced their best catalogue poses to show off their designs.
CHS Junior School Teacher Mrs Flynn, who co-ordinated the project with Mrs Lewis, said: “The pupils not only worked really hard on their designs but were really thoughtful and took time to carefully consider their designs – the fashion shoot was a lot of fun and a great way to show off their brightly-coloured creations!”
Take a look at the fashion shoot in full flow by visiting the Media Gallery.

cheadle hulme schools junior Year 5 pupils model t-shirts featuring their own logo designs as part of a project on branding.