Junior Journalists are Roving Reporters

Budding young reporters attending the Junior School Journalism Club had Minecraft on their minds when they created news articles about School activities.
Attending a weekly journalism session, the pupils were challenged to research and write their own reports to be submitted to their Editor-in-Chief (and Junior School Deputy Head) Mr Johnson in time for their deadline.
Hot off the press, here’s Year 4 pupils Rahul and Kiaran’s exclusive reports about the School’s Minecraft Club;
Kiaran’s Journalism Report About Amazing Minecraft:
Minecraft is a club that is run by a great teacher called Mr Offord and is run in the IT Suite. It is a game without limits, so you can nearly do anything. Minecraft is where you use your imagination to build anything! I once built a massive version of my real dog and put all my dogs inside it.

Minecraft club is on a Monday at 12:30 for junior school. Because there are too many people that come to Minecraft the groups are split up into their classes and alternate. Minecraft is a video game that apparently is more addicting then lemonade! Lots of kids love Minecraft and Minecraft is available on other counsels like iPad Xbox ps4 and iPod and more! You can start Minecraft from getting wood and wooden tools and leather Armor to diamond Armor and tools and massive houses made out of quarts! That’s better than your old dirt house!!!You can also make your house hidden in the trees or in a cavemineshaft.

I would recommend this gamer for gamers and people who like to use their imagination and building and exploring. Mr Offord also sets you some challenging tasks to complete.

Magnificent Minecraft Club by Rahul:

Every Monday Mr Offord does a club called Minecraft club. He invites all the year 4 to play it in the I.T suite in C.H.S. Minecraft is a video game on iPad, consoles and computers. In Minecraft you place and destroy blocks and build buildings and explore you can build anything you can imagine. Because there are too many people he separates year 4 into 2 groups. I would recommend this to people who like building and exploring. And in Minecraft club he makes maps to play in. It is made to have fun.


CHEADLE hulme school year 4 pupil kiaran sits at his computer where he types up his news report about the School's weekly Minecraft club during Journalism Club