New Junior Captains and Councillors

It was a case of let ballot commence this week when the Junior School voted for their new House Captains and team of Student Councillors for the year ahead.

Elected by pupil vote, the School’s new House Captains were chosen after each candidate gave a passionate speech to their fellow Junior School House members. They spoke of encouraging others, leading their team, and organising house events such as sports day, as well as simply setting a good example of behaviour for the younger pupils to follow.

This year’s Junior School House Captains are Alex and Zach (Heywood), Josh and Izzy (Langworthy), Hattie and Noah (Watts), and Edie and Sam (Westhead).

Newly elected Captain Hattie said: “I was nervous about making a speech but really wanted to be a Captain and help other people, so the process pushed me beyond my comfort zone.”

Captain of House team Heywood, Zach is keen to make the student voice heard, saying: “I would like to introduce new things into the School House system for us to enjoy such as House drama and different sports activities.”

Each class in the Junior School also voted for two School Councillors who, every fortnight, will meet with Junior School Deputy Head Mr Johnson and other members of staff to discuss how to make improvements to the school.

The new Junior School Council is Charlotte and Aedan (3C), Ismaeel and Tabitha (3H), Lilly and Lucas (4C) Georgina and Finlay (4H) Oscar and Sadie (5C) Hannah and Johnnie (5H) George and Grace (6C) Jacob and Anna (6H).

Mr Johnson said: “I am very excited about working with these pupils to develop our school and make it a better place for us.”

Junior School Councillors & House Captains at Cheadle Hulme School