Raft Task Floats Year 3’s Boat

It was a question of ‘sink or swim’ when Year 3 got creative and made their own rafts in their science lessons this week.
As part of an Art, DT and Science collaboration, the pupils were given a simple brief: to use their own materials, come up with their own design and create a raft that will stay dry, stay afloat and be durable – even through a waterfall!
The pupils had lots of fun whilst taking time to draw up their plans, collect the right materials and finally build their rafting masterpieces.
The Chief Inspector (a small model person made from blue tack) was placed inside the pupils’ rafts and each one was tested to see if it would float and, if so, for how long.
The pupils held their breaths as their creations were sent under a waterfall before the Chief Inspector was taken out and observed to see how wet or dry it was.
Some rafts floated, some sank, but all pupils learned how to go through a detailed planning process. They developed their understanding of how to build something of their own and how to evaluate what they did in order to make improvements should they ever have to make a raft again… you never know!

Year 3 students at Cheadle Hulme School Junior School gather round to see if their handmade rafts will sink or swim in their weekly art, science and dt lessons