Year 3’s Grand Old Visit to York

Year 3 were whisked back in time a thousand years to live the life of humble Viking villagers when they went on a residential trip to York.

Tucking into a hearty breakfast before heading off to Murton Park, just outside York, the pupils were tasked with completing chores under the watchful eye of village boss Helga before making bread (by grinding their own flour!), tilling the land, creating oil lamps from clay and practising defending the village from Viking invaders.

Just before it was time to go the invaders appeared, but were treated to a fierce charge from CHS’s well drilled villagers and were never seen again!

There was just enough time to be transported forward to 2016, eat lunch and visit the shop before heading back to school, tired but full of happy memories.

The visit was part of a two day expedition to the city where the Junior School pupils also enjoyed a tour around the magnificent York Minster and short walk to Barley Hall, a Tudor banqueting hall, and a trip to DIG where they became archaeologists for an hour, investigating different time periods by looking at what the people of history threw out (you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their rubbish!)

The pupils also took part in activities to test their newly acquired knowledge on York’s history before visiting York Racecourse where they were staying.

Junior School pupil Billy from 3C said: “I loved the whole trip. The accommodation was great and I thought the activities were fun. The Minster was beautiful.”

Take a look at all the fun on the trip in our Media Gallery.

juniors school pupils at cheadle hulme school stand outside york minster during their trip to the city