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Core Pathway


Students who would like to maintain flexibility and variety, and not to specialise in one vocational path at this stage, should opt for the Core Pathway.

They will be able to access a variety of core enrichment options, but will also be able to access many of the opportunities offered by the more specific pathways.

Each student will design their own bespoke programme at the beginning of the year in conjunction with the staff leading the pathway.

The Pathway


Students may study any combination of subjects.

Plus 1

Students on the Core Pathway may choose to take any of the Plus 1 options, including:


  • EPQ
  • Core Maths
  • CLB Languages
  • A 4th A Level/Pre-U subject


Students will be able to choose from the following options on a termly basis:


  • Core Pathway Enrichment Programme (see below for further details)
  • Work experience
  • Volunteering
  • A course of study completed outside of School
  • A course offered by another Pathway

Core Pathway Enrichment Programme

‘The unexamined life is not worth living’ – Socrates


The enrichment programme is designed to make students think. It will encourage them to be reflective, knowledgeable, open-minded, communicative, and balanced; qualities which will foster academic progress, but, more importantly, begin the process of living an examined life.

The following modules will be delivered:

Term 1:

Theory of Knowledge

A course taught in small groups to begin thinking about the concept of knowledge. What is the difference between knowledge, opinion and belief? Why are justification and evidence important? In the era of ‘Fake News’ the ability to question what we are told, and to consider why we believe, is increasingly important.

Academic Discussion Group

Students will take it in turns to prepare and lead a discussion on a topic of their choice, such as healthcare, the environment, masculinity, populism or social media. Students will formulate a question, research it, share the reading and present their thoughts to a small group.

Term 2:

Serial: A case study in justice

The highly successful podcast ‘Serial’ by This American Life is focused on a murder trial in Baltimore in 1999. It raises a number of important questions about justice, the truth, evidence and character. Students will listen to the podcast, keep notes on the progress of the trial and discuss the issues raised in their groups.


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are run by universities and delivered online to help students to learn new skills or study a completely new subject. By this stage in the year, students are likely to have some sense of their next educational steps, and selecting an appropriate MOOC is a useful way to research a chosen course further.

Term 3:

Project Work

Students will plan a project in groups. This could involve outreach work, such as teaching in the Junior School or one of our partner schools; volunteering; organising a mock trial or a fundraising event; or the production of a website or magazine.

Core Pathway leads: Miss Elizabeth Meehan and Mrs Nicole Meredith