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Elite Sport Programme

At CHS we can provide the support required for aspirational athletes to achieve their academic potential and sporting dreams.

The Elite Sport Programme supports pupils in balancing the demands of sporting excellence and academic requirements, whilst allowing them to develop an understanding of key contributing factors in elite sport.

CHS offers a unique opportunity pupil to live, train and learn like a professional athlete. Each pupil will design their own bespoke programme at the beginning of the year in conjunction with the staff leading the programme. The Elite Sport Programme is made up of two key strands and must be selected as a Plus one.


The Programme is made up of two key elements: lifestyle and training.

  • Lifestyle: Pupils develop an understanding of how to live correctly to ensure maximum sporting performance. From adopting a professional nutrition diet plan, dealing with pressure situations, preparation strategies, balancing sporting and academic demands, and working closely with a mentor, we provide the tools for a high performing athlete to fulfil their sporting potential
  • Training: There are many strands to an outstanding training programme and at CHS we work with students to develop individual training programmes delivered by a professional Strength and Conditioning coach; small group and 1-1 skill sessions; psychology mentoring; a pre-hab, rehab and recovery programme; video analysis of individual performance; target setting and long term planning to manage player work load. The Elite Sport Programme allows students to adopt a professional attitude in an expert environment so that they are in peak physical, mental and tactical condition.

How to apply

Please complete the application form below by Wednesday 4th March 2020 and return via email to Matt Higgins, Director of Sport matthiggins@chschool.co.uk.