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Apply to the Sixth Form

We are always delighted to welcome new students to join the Sixth Form, and our Pastoral Team works hard to ensure that new students (who usually form about 10% of the Sixth Form) feel fully integrated.

Entry requirements

Our experience in recent years suggests that, in order to be comfortable with the academic pace of A Level/Pre-U study at CHS, students require an attainment level equivalent to 56 points (from 9 subjects) in their GCSE/iGCSE exams.

Subjects graded 9-1 are allocated points equal to the number grade awarded. Subjects receiving letter grades are converted into points; with an A* = 8, A =7, B = 6 and so on. We use this as a guide to suitability, not an immovable requirement.

In addition to the point score, key factors in determining likely success in the Sixth Form are a student’s proven commitment to academic study and Sixth Form subject choices which build on the student’s academic strengths.

Specific advice about the level of GCSE performance recommended by each department can be found on the department page on the website.

Offers of places to join the Sixth Form will be conditional on final GCSE/IGCSE results in the August preceding entry.


We are very happy to receive applications any time from September onwards. Following receipt of an application, we will contact you to arrange a date and time for an interview; many of which take place in December and January.  We are mindful that, for many, this comes just as they are embarking on mock GCSE examinations, so we can always be flexible about interview dates.

Making an Application

Please complete the application form. There is no formal closing date for applications and we do accept applications throughout the year. For more information or for other opportunities to visit the School please contact the Admissions Team on 0161 488 3345.

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