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The CHS Experience

As Waconians, pupils are offered an enriching educational experience and are prepared for their path of choice through a rounded curriculum. From Pre-School to Sixth Form, pupils learn together and independently, and their broad timetables encompass all aspects of the wider CHS experience.


Through an ACTIVE, ACADEMIC AND ALTRUISTIC curriculum, each learner is provided with opportunities to help them make the very best of their journey. Our aim is to encourage and challenge pupils academically, whilst providing opportunities for personal and social growth, leadership, and commitment to social responsibility.


This is implemented through a diverse CURRICULUM that combines traditional study with an understanding of the importance of well-being. A varied CO-CURRICULAR programme and numerous outreach opportunities allow pupils to step away from their studies to explore and pursue their wider interests and develop their passions.


At the heart of the CHS experience lies a set of core values instilled in all Waconians - INTEGRITY, ENDEAVOUR, RESILIENCE,COMPASSION AND CONTRIBUTION. Our pupils learn about these vital qualities as part of their pastoral and well-being lessons and are encouraged to consider their contribution to life at the School and within the wider world.


As the future is impossible to predict, pupils leave CHS ready to tackle all that lies ahead, whichever path they choose to explore or wherever their lives may take them. This ethos chimes with that of the original founders of the School in 1855. Keeping values at its heart, the academic experience, pastoral care system, and co-curricular programme, all work together, maximising every pupil’s potential.

Values instilled during The CHS Experience