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Our Vision and Aims

Our Aims

This is applicable to all students in the School including those in an EYFS setting.

  • That each student experiences a challenging, dynamic and relevant education which enables them to reach their full academic potential and flourish in a rapidly changing world;
  • That each student develops a lifelong love of learning, is able to work effectively both independently and collaboratively and appreciates that learning extends beyond the confines of examination courses ;
  • That each student discovers and develops a broad and relevant set of skills and aptitudes which enable them to undertake useful and effective roles  in their communities and beyond;
  • That each student develops a strong set of personal values and aspires to be a positive role model;
  • That each student learns to value themselves and others, appreciates difference and individuality and supports those in need.


We aim to achieve these aims through:


  • An approach to education which values individual effort, active engagement, collaborative learning and deepens thinking and communication skills;
  • A co-educational environment which enables boys and girls to learn, work and develop together, enabling each to inspire the other;
  • A strong pastoral care system centred around the principles of well-being and which embraces social inclusivity by building upon the School’s founding philanthropic values ;
  • A range of learning environments which develop flexible learning and the ability to respond to and thrive in a technologically sophisticated world;
  • A varied, inclusive and stimulating range of co-curricular opportunities, which complement and extend the curriculum.