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The Ed. Podcast

The Ed Podcast - Cheadle Hulme School

The Ed. Podcast is here to keep you up to date with everything CHS. Hear from a range of CHS voices, from students to teachers, on the latest CHS news, events and happenings. Gain a glimpse behind the scenes, learn more about upcoming school news, and listen to the voices that are the foundation of the school’s vibrant community.  


Behind The Scenes

Co-curricular activities are a key part of the CHS experience and we firmly believe that they are an integral part of a student’s development. Whether your child is an active member of the school choir or is on the pitch with their football team, the CHS Ed. Podcast allows you to learn more about the range of activities available to CHS students. Go behind the scenes at school plays, trips, classes, clubs, activities and more.

Upcoming School News

Learn about the latest upcoming school news in the Ed. Podcast. Cheadle Hulme School is constantly evolving as a dynamic independent school and, as a result, CHS regularly has a multitude of exciting news well-deserving of its own podcast.

The Curriculum

A diverse, well-rounded curriculum is integral to developing a student’s academic potential. Hear from both students and teachers on a range of topics concerning the curriculum, such as how students can excel within their classes, top tips on how students can prepare for exam season, and how students can manage their workload for improved wellbeing.

The CHS Community

CHS is home to a vibrant community of parents, teachers and, of course, our students. Hear from the voices that shape the school with the Ed. Podcast. Tune in each month for a new podcast episode, available on Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, and more.

In Episode 5...

In the fifth episode, The Ed. Podcast wishes all its listeners a Healthy New Year!

If you’re a resolution maker – particularly one embarking upon a new active regime with plenty of exercise and healthy eating – hear top tips from CHS sports scholars who talk motivation, as well as from Nick of CHS’s catering team Independents By Sodexo, giving his own nutritional words of wisdom.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about your mental health? CHS School Counsellor Rachel Vora gives a few of her own suggestions for combating exam stress and Seasonal Affective Disorder, whilst Year 7 Book Club discuss their favourite reads they have enjoyed during some moments of calm.

Get energetic with the Senior School Zumba Class, find out more about what it’s really like to be a Year 6 studying for the Senior School entrance exams and catch up with Solicitor and Class of 1994’s Warren Heyman, this episode’s ‘Old Waconian of the Month.’

CHS The Ed Podcast: Episode 2 - More Art Not Less

Motivation with the CHS Sports Scholars

A no-nonsense approach to healthy eating with CHS Pastry Chef, Nick from Sodexo

Healthy eating in schools with Sodexo's Health and Wellbeing manager, Paul Quinn

A guide to good mental health with CHS School Counsellor, Rachel Vora

Year 6 talk Senior School entrance exams

Old Waconian of the Month: Warren Heyman, Class of 1994 - Solicitor and Sports Law specialist

Reading for mental health with Year 7 Book Club

What Did You Do Today? Zumba Club