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First Aid Information

First Aid Provision

There is a qualified First Aider on site from the moment we open the gates, until they are closed at night. During the normal School day we also have a fulltime Medical Manager and First Aid team on site, plus teaching staff trained in Emergency First Aid, First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid, Early Years First Aid and Sports First Aid. Students are also supported by the School Nurse and a School Counsellor.

The First Aid Manager is Debbie Woodcock, if you need to discuss your child’s individual needs, please contact her on 0161 488 3347.

First Aid for accidents occurring in School

In case of emergency or accident students should go directly to the First Aid Room. The First Aiders will attend to the First Aid needs of the students and make an assessment as to whether the student should return to class, go home, or go to hospital by ambulance. Parents will be contacted if necessary.

Students who are taken ill during the School day

A student who is taken ill during the School day should request permission to attend the First Aid Room from the member of staff whose lesson they need to leave. If the student is unfit to return to lessons, the First Aider has the authority to arrange for them to go home.We would expect the student to be collected within an hour. The First Aider will also report to Heads of School and/or Form Teachers any matters which she thinks may have pastoral implications.

Medical details

Parents should provide details of any medical conditions. The information is kept in confidence and issued to staff members on a need to know basis. It is vital that parents update this information whenever changes occur. Please contact Debbie Woodcock, or any member of the team and they will write a healthcare plan if necessary and arrange for the storage of medicines if needed to be held in School. 

If your child has a food allergy or food intolerance please visit our lunch pages for more information and advice.


A single dose of paracetamol or antihistamine may be issued by the First Aiders if deemed necessary and if parents have consented on the medical form. Parents of infant pupils will always be telephoned prior to paracetamol being given. Please note no other pharmaceutical preparations are issued by First Aid.

If your child requires prescribed medication or may require administration of their own emergency medicine (e.g. an auto injector / inhaler) during the school day, please fill in the following Consent Form.

If your child requires medication during a School Trip, please fill in the following Consent Form

Emergency medicines

These are stored for individual, named students together with written instructions.

Students who requuire epipens or inhalers may carry their own medication. A spare epipen should be kept in School. A spare inhaler may be kept in School in the First Aid room. School also holds a generic autoinjector and inhaler which may be administered to a pupil with a diagnosis of anaphylaxsis or asthma and written consent has been given. Many teaching staff are trained on a voluntary basis in the use of an epi-pen.

If you need to discuss your child’s individual needs, please contact First Aid on 0161 488 3347.