High Performance Programme: Sport

The High Performance Programme in Sport enables pupils to exceed their holistic potential in sport and PE.


The programme supports pupil-athletes who have the potential to perform at Regional + National level sport. It looks to develop the whole person by providing areas of support such as strength and conditioning, pre and rehabilitation, load management, mentoring, academic progress monitoring and developing the Waconian Values in each individual.

Our unique programme has access to a wide range of resources through our partnerships with Universities, Professional Sports teams and Governing bodies and our dedicated team works  closely with the CHS community, parents and outside agencies to provide each child with a personalised and manageable programme.


Application Criteria and Process


We look for athletes who have the potential to succeed in sport, performing above their peer group in at least one of their chosen disciplines. Please read our FAQs below for more guidance on performance criteria and the application process.

To apply for a place on the HPP programme, please complete the Application Form by Friday 10th December 2021. For further information, please contact Andrew Groves – Head of Elite Sport andrewgroves@chschool.co.uk

Eligibility criteria: FAQs

As each sport has different pathways of athlete progress, we look for pupils playing at Regional+ level as well have a positive attitude towards learning and a commitment to our Waconian Values across school life.

Below are examples of the levels of sport our current HPP pupils have competed at:

Football: Manchester United Academy

Cricket: Lancashire / Cheshire County

Netball: Thunder Pathway or a leading regional club

Rugby: Sale DPP or a leading regional club

Hockey: Performance Centre or a leading regional club

Swimming: National time or a leading regional club


Please note that the HPP programme supports athletes from a wide range of sports, not just the examples given above. For example, we currently have a national skier and golfer on the programme.

To apply for a place on the HPP programme, please complete the Application Form by Friday 9th December 2022.

If candidates are successful in securing a place at CHS, the HPP application will then be considered.

Those candidates who are successful in the HPP application stage will be assessed by CHS sports staff in the first term of Year 7 across PE, Games, Co-curricular and development strength and conditioning sessions.

We typically accept between 10 – 12 pupils on to the HPP programme in Year 7.

We recognise that young people develop at different rates and we therefore continue to assess all pupils in sport. Those who consistently outperform their peers throughout their time at CHS will be considered for the High Performance Programme. We will take into account how a pupil performs in sport both in and out of School.

Developing a positive relationship with the child, family and external clubs are key to the child’s progress and well being. Although we expect students to represent the School when selected, this is done through the collaboration of all parties.

There is no fee remission for the HPP.