Our Green Plan

As a school, we have a central role to play in educating our entire community about the importance of environmental sustainability. 


With an educational purpose to set an example and investigate our changing world, aligned to our Waconian Values of Integrity, Compassion, Endeavour, Resilience and Contribution, at CHS we have the inherited benefit of land and a platform from which to improve our environmental performance, enact real change and support the global efforts to save our planet. 

CHS’s ‘Green Plan’ outlines our commitment to educating and empowering our community to make positive changes, and the steps we are taking to meet our aspiration of being Carbon NetZero by 2030. 

We feel optimistic that with the support of our entire community, our actions and innovations can make a material difference to local, regional,  national and international issues. 

Our Commitments

By September 2022 we will:

  • Replace the entirety of our indoor and outdoor lights with the latest generation LEDs
  • Focus on food waste and litter through a targeted campaign in the Spring Term 2022 with the emphasis on Reducing waste, Removing litter and Recycling as much as we can.
  • Begin the creation of a physical ‘Green Path’ and Forest School for Junior School pupils. This Green Path represents the start of a longer journey, and an immediate benefit for: Wellbeing, mindfulness, education, health/exercise and observation of, and contribution to, the natural world.
  • 60-80 new sapling trees will be delivered by the Woodland Trust in January and March 2022 as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy: a youth, community and educationally focused endeavour to commemorate HM the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.
  • Rewilding areas and wildflower planting on our estate.
  • Work with our contracts and contractors to understand and measure their environmental impact as they deliver the support we require.
  • Establish a School-wide Eco Committee led by our Chief Operating Officer, Mr Warren James and promote regular updates of our progress to the school community.


Our Actions to date

You can find out about the actions we have already taken to improve our environmental performance, reduce energy usage, our commitment to recycling, and responsible sourcing initiatives by clicking here.