Pastoral Care

“Pupils of all ages develop a strong set of personal values, and in accordance with the school’s aim, learn to value themselves and others.  They are developing in to happy, thoughtful, modest and kind young people who exhibit a quiet confidence in their own abilities and self-worth.” ISI Inspection, April 2017

From the day a pupil starts their journey at CHS, we encourage them to understand themselves and others so that they can flourish in our school community and beyond.

Pastoral care is integral to everything we do at CHS. Opportunities for moral, spiritual, social and cultural development are an integral part of School life and pastoral care is embedded in our lessons, environment, activities and relationships. Through this ‘hidden curriculum’ we share our values and ethos and help our pupils develop habits and values that will help them throughout their lives.

As well as individual Form Tutors and Student Managers, pupils have access to a wide and experienced Pastoral Team, made up of team of full-time nurses, a trained counsellor and a specialist Learning and Support Team to offer support for conditions that may affect their learning and participation in School life.

Senior pupils also play a vital role in pastoral care at CHS by acting as Peer Mentors to younger pupils, ensuring pastoral care is a whole school responsibility.