Pastoral Care

“Pupils are respectful of each other and collaborate easily. Pupils support each other and help other people, both in and out of school.”

– ISI Inspection, March 2024

From the moment a pupil starts their journey at CHS, our commitment to their wellbeing takes centre stage. 
We nurture, guide and empower our young people to not only understand themselves but also to appreciate the unique qualities in others. It’s a foundation for flourishing not only within our school community but well beyond.

In every aspect of School life, opportunities for moral, spiritual, social, and cultural development are seamlessly woven into the fabric of our teaching, environment, activities, and relationships. This ‘hidden curriculum’ steers pupils  toward values and ethos that become second nature, forming the bedrock of their character for a lifetime.

At the heart of our approach is a culture of openness. Adolescence is a journey filled with challenges, and we actively encourage our students to share their concerns. We address issues through assemblies, workshops and informal discussions. This way, we equip our students with the tools they need to make well-informed decisions, enabling them to  navigate life’s complexities with confidence.

Our dedicated Pastoral Team includes full-time nurses, a trained counsellor, and a specialist Learning and Support Team. Individual Form Tutors and Student Managers create a support network, ensuring that every student feels seen and heard.

We believe in fostering a sense of community responsibility. Senior pupils take on the crucial role of Peer Mentors, guiding and supporting younger pupils, ensuring that pastoral care is a shared whole school responsibility. 

Nurturing well-rounded individuals

Our aim is to nurture well-rounded individuals—individuals who not only excel academically but also possess the skills, resilience and forward-looking mindset to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Our Unique Waconian Programme ensures our young people are prepared for the world beyond CHS and helps them develop real-world skills and the confidence and capabilities they need for the future. 

Comprising five essential components—Health, Citizenship, Study Skills, Future Self, and Relationships— the programme is delivered through dedicated lessons, Form Time and Assemblies. From Mental Health, Digital Safety to Financial Awareness and Citizenship, we address the real-world issues that matter. 

We believe in giving our pupils the space for self-reflection, empowering them to build their Waconian Programme log as they journey through the School.

View the Waconian Programme handbook 2023 – 2024 here. 



The Waconian Diploma


To be successful at CHS and beyond, all pupils are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities which are available to them in school.

The Waconian Diploma encourages all lower school pupils to take part in a wide range of activities across the School and to reflect on their input and involvement in life at CHS. It aims to give each pupil a greater understanding of our Waconian Values and their importance within everyday life.