Welcome from the Head

We provide an outstanding and inspiring education that  instils in its pupils a deep love of learning, the ability to adapt to change and to think creatively and critically about the world around them.

CHS was founded in 1855 in order to provide an education for the orphans and poor children of warehousemen and clerks of Manchester. From that earnest beginning, CHS has grown, evolved and yet remained steadfast in its commitment to co-education, innovative learning and a profound sense of community.

Life at CHS is under-pinned by a clear set of values, through which we aim to ensure that each member of the school community can fulfil their potential and flourish in the wider world.

This is perfectly illustrated by the Academic, Active and Altruistic  life at CHS. We  emphasize learning as a developing process, providing pupils with success in external examinations whilst also instilling a desire, and capacity, to further their academic interests outside of the classroom.

Developing rounded individuals with the skills to manage themselves while appreciating their role as a member of wider communities is key to the pastoral life at CHS. In addition, the extensive range of co-curricular activities available means that pupils can gain experiences essential to their broader personal and social development.

I hope that you are keen to learn more about CHS and the opportunities for your child. I strongly recommend that you read the report from our inspection here and visit the school in person.

I look forward to meeting you.

Neil Smith