Infant & Junior School Curriculum

Learning takes place in many different forms and our curriculum is planned to allow gradual progression in each area, encouraging children to become independent and unafraid of making mistakes.

Our Learning for Life Programme is central to our curriculum, covering all aspects of personal growth and development through age-appropriate topics. Developing relationships, recognising strengths and weaknesses, teamwork, leadership and building individual self-esteem and confidence, alongside challenge and self-motivation are at the heart of daily learning.

Alongside the core, other academic subjects Humanities, Science, MFL and Computing are incorporated into the curriculum.  Learning in these areas is often supplemented by day and residential trips as well as enrichment activities to help stimulate pupils’ interest in the world around them and inculcate a genuine love of learning itself.

In the Infant Department, children follow the EYFS curriculum and national programme of study. For this age group, days are less structured with a balance of teacher focus, child-led activities and learning through play.  The basics of reading, writing and numeracy remain at the heart of lessons, alongside an important aspect of development for all children: emotional, social and physical progression.
Whatever the age of the child, the Infant & Junior School curriculum is designed to allow each individual to reach his or her potential.
We will challenge children to push themselves and tap into their natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge to make learning enjoyable and, most importantly, a lifelong process. Our aim by the age of 11 is for pupils to have been given the knowledge, skills and understanding to flourish in our Senior School.  We expect all pupils to sit the Entrance Exam and transfer to our Senior School.