The CHS Experience

As Waconians, pupils are offered an enriching educational experience and are prepared for their path of choice through a rounded curriculum.


From Pre-School to Sixth Form, pupils learn together and independently and their broad timetables encompass all aspects of the wider CHS experience. Through an AcademicActive and Altruistic curriculum, each learner is provided with opportunities to help them make the very best of their journey. Our aim is to encourage and challenge pupils academically, whilst providing opportunities for personal and social growth, leadership, and commitment to social responsibility.

The Waconian Programme is designed to provide pupils with the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage the world around them. It sits directly below the three CHS pillars: Academic, Altruistic and Active and the Waconian Values are fundamental to the programme. It incorporates 5 components: Health, Citizenship, Study Skills, Future Self and Relationships and aims to ensure our young people enter adult life acutely aware of the role they play in society and how their decision will impact on their future.