Waconian Values

“The school’s ‘Waconian Values’ of resilience, integrity, endeavour, contribution and compassion are central to how the school operates. Pupils know and understand the values well. They try hard to always follow them. Pupils develop self-confidence, with strong moral foundations, during their time at the school” ISI Inspection 2024


Our values underpin and guide all aspects of life at CHS, whilst  providing a strong sense of identity and purpose for the whole  community. We encourage everyone to uphold these principles in their interactions with one another and throughout each day.
The Waconian Values are:


  • Not being afraid to fail; fail well and learn from it
  • Viewing challenges as opportunities
  • Having the courage to be who you are


  • Treating everyone with mutual respect and equal worth
  • Respecting the right of others to learn
  • Showing gratitude


  • Always giving your best
  • Being curious and inquisitive
  • Reflecting critically


  • Getting involved in School life
  • Making a positive difference to others
  • Being a role model to others


  • Being kind to others irrespective of gender, race, sexuality, religion or ability
  • Showing compassion to those less fortunate than yourself
  • Embracing our differences and talents