Biology A Level Exam Information

Course Content

Lower Sixth topics:

  • 1. Biological molecules
  • 2. Cells
  • 3. Organisms exchange substances with their environment
  • 4. Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms

Upper Sixth topics:

  • Energy transfers in and between organisms
  • Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
  • Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
  • The control of gene expression


Course Structure

Practical assessments are divided into those that can be assessed in written exams and those that can only be directly assessed whilst students are carrying out experiments. A-level grades will be based only on marks from written exams. A separate endorsement of practical skills will be taken alongside the A-level. This will be assessed by teachers and will be based on direct observation of students’ competency in a range of skills that are not assessable in written exams.

Internal exams will be sat at the end of the first year, covering units 1 – 4 and the practical skills for the Biology course.  At the end of the second year, students will sit three external exams, each 2 hours in length. These 3 papers will assess topics from the first and second year of the course, including relevant practical skills.

Reading and Resources

Students will receive 3 different text books during the course to support their work through the first and second year of study. In addition, students can access a range of resources on Schoology any may subscribe to the ‘Biological Sciences review’ magazine. During the course, we will recommend outside reading to compliment the nature of the topics being studied.  Nevertheless, students should be independent learners who read, watch and listen to anything they identify as relevant. Keeping up to date with current developments in Biology is hugely important and as such, forms a significant part of discussions in lessons.


Entry Requirements

Students will have achieved a grade 7 or above in iGCSE Biology or Dual Award Science. Students will also ideally have a grade 7 or above in GCSE Maths.

Exam Board: AQA