Physics A Level Exam Information

A Level

Course Content

Lower Sixth

Measurement and errors
Particles and radiation
Mechanics and Materials

Upper Sixth

Further mechanics and thermal physics
Fields and their consequences
Nuclear physics
The option: Astophysics, medical physics, turning points, engineering
Course Structure
Internal exams will be sat at the end of year 12 which will cover units 1 to 5, which will include practical questions, as there is no practical coursework in the A-Level. After 2 years of study students will sit three 2 hour papers covering units 1 to 8, a compulsory practical section and an optional topic.

Reading and Resources

Text books will be Issued depending on the course content, some suggestions for additional reading around the subject are:

“A Short History of Nearly Everything” – Bill Bryson
“Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman?” – Richard Feynman
“The Pleasure of Finding Things Out” – Richard Feynman
“A Brief History of Time” (or “A Briefer History of Time”, which is supposed to be a more simple read) – Stephen Hawking
Entry Requirements
Students will have achieved a minimum of a high grade 7 in Physics GCSE or the equivalent in the Physics component of Double Award Science. However, an 8 in Physics GCSE (or in the Physics component of Double Award Science), together with the study of a full A Level in Mathematics are the recommended entry requirements.

Exam Board: AQA