One CHS doorstep donations help the homeless

Fresh food, toiletries and cleaning products have been donated on doorsteps across Greater Manchester by CHS families to help the homeless during the coronavirus crisis.

An altruistic challenge set in School’s weekly ‘One CHS’ family newsletter, students, parents and staff have gathered items from their kitchen cupboards for local charity and food bank The Wellspring in support of its efforts to make hot meals for the homeless during the lockdown.

CHS families are also volunteering to collect donations from doorsteps, picking up items from different postcode areas each Thursday.

Jonathan Billings of The Wellspring said: “I want to thank everyone from Cheadle Hulme School for the support, it really means a lot to us. We were getting to the point that we had to start decreasing the amount of food in each parcel because supplies were beginning to run low so this collection has helped enormously. Thank you.”

The collection follows CHS’s recent PPE fundraiser to help the NHS in the battle against Covid-19. The School community raised more than £3k to spend on materials for visors, with the Design & Technology Department manufacturing in excess of 3000 face shields for frontline healthcare workers.

We are welcoming more families to get involved with the Wellspring campaign so if you would like to leave a food donation for collection please fill out this form.

If you would like to volunteer to help collect donations from doorsteps, please fill out this form.

Financial donations are also gratefully received and can be donated to The Wellspring’s food parcel appeal online.

The Wellspring is putting together and delivering 100 food parcels a day to vulnerable people in the community. As well as this, they continue to offer a food service which serves around 100-150 meals per day to homeless and disadvantaged people.

Thank you to everyone who has helped support CHS’s altruistic campaigns so far.