CHS Junior School Launches Beekeeping Project to Promote Eco Values and Biodiversity

CHS is buzzing with excitement as Junior Waconians embark on their newest eco project…building a beehive to house bees!

Bees are vital to our ecosystem. They pollinate the crops that feed us and the wild plants that support other wildlife. Without bees, our planet would struggle to sustain life. These hardworking insects are crucial to our survival.

Not only does the project allow for Waconinas to care for bees and see their incredible work up close, but the initiative also fits into CHS’s long term commitment to sustainability and environmental education.

Alan Towse is an experienced beekeeper who has been coming into CHS to work with Year 6 children as they construct the school’s first beehive. Whilst hammering nails and fixing parts together, he passes on some of his vast knowledge to the pupils.

It look’s like CHS will gain quite a few new Waconians as the Junior School will start with one hive and 20,000 bees. The queen bee can lay 1000-1500 eggs a day, so the School’s long term plan is to grown the number of bee hives and to harvest and ultimately sell it’s very own locally produced honey!

CHS Infant & Junior School Teacher and Eco Committee co-ordinator, Mrs Yvonne Lyng said: “Over time, we intend to give as many of our children the chance to contribute to the care and cultivation of our bees. They will see first hand how these fascinating insects go about their tireless work and ultimately produce delicious honey and in doing so appreciate the importance of protecting their habitats and ensuring they survive and flourish.

This project has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Parent’s Association – thank you.

Stay tuned for more updated as our beekeeping adventure unfolds!