Ezekiel Browne Society Given A Sport & Leisure Insight

Members of the Ezekiel Browne Society were given an insight into working in the Sport and Leisure industry when they were visited by former CEO of Inter Milan Football Club, Michael Bolingbroke.

Currently Chairman of Superstruct, working with a portfolio of Music Festivals, Michael’s talk ‘Why I love Mondays’, covered his 30 years in the business from working within various strategic roles for high-profile organisations including Manchester United FC, Cirque du Soleil and The Jim Henson Company.

Speaking to the Sixth Form students Michael said that there are 3 contributing factors to success; ability, luck and effort. “Of those three things the only thing you can control is effort so it really is true that what you put it makes all the difference.”

Giving a fascinating insight into the basics of Marketing and the distinction between the terms ‘fans.’ ‘supporters’, ‘followers’ and ‘consumers’, Michael said that specifically, success within the leisure industry comes down to another 3 important reasons.

“You need to have a quality product, be aware that it’s the fans who own the brand and it’s important to work with the right people who have the skills and knowledge to help you.”

As well as offering advice, Michael’s talk was also a reality check on what’s often deemed to be a ‘glamourous’ industry; “you have to be happy working whilst everyone else is playing,” he advised. “The hours can be long and anti-social but if you’re happy what you’re doing it doesn’t matter.”

One student said: “It was a really captivating talk, it was great hearing him speak, especially without a PowerPoint behind him; he basically did everything that we’re told we should do for public speaking.”

Ezekiel Browne Society Co-ordinator, Mr Jonny Hedwat said: “Michael’s advice to young people on careers and leadership is invaluable and we were very fortunate he was able to come to CHS to speak with the students.”

Michael also presented the students with a problem-solving scenario and took part in a Q&A before closing with one final piece of advice. “Go with your heart, not your head. It’s important to do what you love and I’ve never looked back during those 30 years.”

Named after one of the School’s founders, the Ezekiel Browne Society hosts talks from regular speakers with previous guests including Lord Dubs, Old Waconian and former Detective Inspector for the Metropolitan Police Service, Rod Goddard, and Professor Mary Rudolf on ‘The Galilee, its communities and their health’.