Heart Transplant Experience for Year 9 Scientists

Aspiring medics and biologists from Year 9 and the Sixth Form received a full surgical experience when they were given an insight into what happens in the operating theatre during an emergency heart transplant operation.

Taking part in a unique morning-long demonstration, 40 students assembled in Holden Hall and were talked through scientific details whilst taking part in a realistic simulation of the life-saving procedure.

Dressing in scrubs and surgical masks, students were given the chance to dissect a heart real sheep’s heart and were selected to become members of a surgical team.

The simulation of the intensive care scenario was performed with old medical equipment and a real heart bypass machine pumping blood (water with red food dye) to and from the dummy patient.

Demonstrated by the Rise team, Dr. Julian Barker, Director of ECMO & Lead Clinician for Cardiothoracic Critical Care and Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia at University Hospital of South Manchester, Wythenshawe, discussed diagnosis and treatment from arriving in A&E with a heart attack to suffering cardiac arrest.

CHS Head of Biology, Mr Jonathan Hedwat said: “It was such an amazing opportunity and we’ve had wonderful feedback from the students about their experience. The whole event was extremely well designed and executed.”