Magnifique Sam!

Language enthusiast Sam has been aiming high and achieving when it comes to Modern Languages!

This academic year, Sam has been working towards his Modern Languages and has not only entered one competition in French… but two!

My passion for languages was sparked through my love of conversation with native speakers and being able to understand and connect with different communities. I would say that I continue to have this passion every year because of visiting other countries and being able to assimilate into daily life. Also being able to gain a richer understanding of culture by using the skills I have from learning languages.

The first was the Prismatic Jane Eyre competition. The competition is run by Oxford University and “is a celebration of all languages taught in schools and spoken in homes across the UK. Entrants are asked to produce a poem in another language inspired by a selected passed from Jane Eyre. […] Pupils will be rewarded for their creativity.”

Sam succeeded as his entry was selected to be presented in Oxford University’s online and print anthologies!

Read more about the Prismatic Jane Eyre competition here.

In addition to this, Sam has done exceptionally well to receive the Modern Languages in Schools prize from the University of Lancaster! The entries were tasked simply with responding to a single question in the target language. This year’s question was “To what extent do languages facilitate inclusivity in the modern world?”

Sam said, “My essay discussed the topics of communication and how technology acts as a double-edged sword both aiding yet also hindering communication. The essay continued to talk about how people would be able to access another viewpoint and become less prejudiced and more enlightened if they opened themselves up to learning other languages to gain different perspectives on issues.

Well done, Sam, a great achievement!