Name of Sixth Form Centre revealed

CHS’s newest addition to the School, the Sixth Form Centre, has been named to mark the dedication of the School’s retiring Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr Philip Johnson.

With its vast study spaces where the hard work of CHS’s most senior students takes place, the Johnson Building reflects Philip’s prolonged endeavour and commitment in leading the School over the past 30 years.

The naming of the building continues CHS’s long-time tradition of leaving a lasting tribute to the influential individuals who have had a great impact upon the School; the Science building was named after former Head, Mr T.T.R. Lockhart; Holden Hall became known after significant legacy donor James Holden in 1906; and the School’s Christopher Simon languages hub took its title from the former School Governor.

Opening the refurbished Sixth Form space in September 2019 during a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Mayor of Stockport, Councillor Laura Booth and invited guests in attendance, Philip has now been formally recognised for his generosity and contribution to the School with his name appearing on the building’s new outdoor plaque.

Leaving his role as Chair after 13 years, Philip will step down to become Chair of Governors at Manchester College and alongside CHS Governors have appointed the School’s current Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors, Mrs Catherine Boyd, as CHS’s new Chair.

Philip said: “I am humbled to be so permanently linked with CHS through the Sixth Form Centre. It’s a wonderfully positive space where generations of pupils will spend some of the most formative times in their young lives and will look towards their future. Over my years as a Governor there have been countless highlights but this very special honour goes right to the top of the list.”

CHS Head, Mr Neil Smith said: “Philip has been a fantastic Chair of Governors; a great supporter of the School at both a collective and individual level, he has always been a frequent visitor to the site and as an attendee at many School events. As well as wishing him well for his life beyond CHS, on behalf of the whole School and its community, I’d like to thank him for his many years of valued service.”