Recycling Bins Introduced By Junior School Council

Staying environmentally friendly has been high on the New Year’s resolutions list for the Junior School Councillors now they have helped introduce recycling bins throughout the Junior School.

Taking inspiration from recent stories in the news and BBC television series Blue Planet 2, the Councillors have been speaking to their class and teachers about the importance of recycling.

They also attended a meeting with CHS’s Senior Operations Manager, Mr Mancey-Johnson and put in a request for more recycling bins to be placed around the School.

Putting their case forward through careful negotiations, it was agreed that new paper bins would be installed with the possibility of undertaking further recycling projects in the future.

Year 3 Councillor, Fleur said she has enjoyed being able to make a difference. She said: “It’s been exciting, I’m looking forward to the bins being filled.”

Junior School Deputy Head, Mr Malcom Johnson said: “Bringing in the recycling bins is a very good idea, it’s also been a great way of engaging the pupils in taking more responsibility for their actions.”