Upper Sixth Student becomes Crossfit Champion

Well done to Emily Steel who has become the Crossfit European champion for her category.

Emily has been doing Crossfit since she was 14 she said: “I started off as a swimmer for 10 years but started to try something different and have loved it ever since!”

She was dedicated and trained hard for the competition. She said: “A couple weeks before the competition I trained really hard, around 2-3 hours each day, whenever I could fit it in. Then up to a week before the competition I tapered and eased off a little in training up to the day before, where I just did some active recovery and stretching to prepare for the long weekend.

“I also watched what I was eating the week before, and made sure I was getting in more carbs than usual, to store up plenty of energy to get me through the weekend.”

She was calm and collected for the big day, saying: “I never really get nervous when it comes to Crossfit competitions, I’m more excited than anything, so I was really looking forward to just getting into the arena and starting the first workout.

“When I won I didn’t really know how to feel because, being in first place all weekend but then losing the final, I thought I had lost first place. Turns out I had done enough over the other 5 workouts and had enough points to luckily stay on top, I was so happy.”

Emily hopes to carry on her winning streak in her future competitions. She said: “In a few weeks, I have the most important qualifiers of the year for me. There’s the Crossfit games, which is like the Olympics of Crossfit. It’s a bit worldwide event held in Madison, US. Starting the second week of March, I have 5 days to complete 5 qualifying workouts, which are filmed for standards and then sent off.

“The top 10 teen females aged 16-17 worldwide qualify to go to the Crossfit games, so where I rank in these 5 workouts will determine whether I get a place at the games or not. It would be a dream come true if I could go to the games, so from now until the qualifiers, I’m head down focused on training really hard, to get the best ranking in the qualifiers – hopefully top 10.”

We wish the best of luck to Emily in her competitions!