The Waconian Programme

With the world rapidly changing, there is an increasing emphasis on the need to have desirable competencies. A well-rounded, 360-degree education that balances academics with real-world skills will empower pupils to build the confidence and capabilities they need to be productive members of the workforce—and society at large.


The Waconian Programme is designed to provide our young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage the world around them, during their time at school and beyond.

It sits directly below the three CHS pillars: Academic, Altruistic and Active and the Waconian Values (Integrity, Compassion, Contribution, Endeavour and Resilience) are fundamental to the Programme. There are five component parts to The Waconian Programme: Health, Citizenship, Study Skills, Future Self (formerly Careers) and Relationships. The Programme is delivered in dedicated Waconian Programme lessons, Form Time and assemblies.

All staff and pupils have a vital role to play within the Programme and it is through living by the values that all will be able to flourish as fully rounded individuals within our community and beyond.

Throughout a pupil’s time at CHS they will cover topics that will allow them to enter their adult life acutely aware of the importance of the role  they play in society and how their decisions will impact on their future. In Waconian Programme lessons many topics will be covered, for example of Mental Health, Gender and Sexuality, Risk Taking Behaviour, Future Self, Digital Safety, Radicalisation, Financial Awareness and Citizenship. Assemblies, visiting speakers and Form Time will further reinforce and complement this material and pupils will be afforded the opportunity to use some Form Time for self-reflection and to build up their Waconian Programme Log as they journey through the School.