Behind The CHScenes: A Day in the Life of CHS Junior School Holiday Club- Mrs Shaw (CHS After School Club Manager)

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Meet Gaynor!
Gaynor is our After School Club manager here at CHS and over Summer runs the Junior School Holiday Club!
As part of our series, Behind the CHScenes, we’re chatting with CHS’s non-teaching Staff around CHS who are often busy keeping everything running smoothly!
Let’s learn a little more about what Gaynor gets up to during a typical summer holiday…

How long have you been at CHS?

I have worked at CHS for 15 years. I was the manager for a company called Oscars for a few months, then Kids Allowed took over for a few years. In 2013, CHS asked me to manage the After School Care and that’s when I asked if I could run a Summer Holiday Club for the school which was very successful and has continued to grow.

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What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to go and explore haunted locations with my fiancé, which he uploads onto YouTube. I also love going to the beach for long walks and relaxing.

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What motivates you?

What motivates me are the children and my team. Every day is a happy day.


What are you most proud of?

I’m very proud of what I have achieved over the years at CHS, I have quadrupled the numbers that go to After School Care and have made the holiday clubs grow each year to suit the demands of parents’ busy lifestyles. Not to mention the children love coming to us every year.

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“I am proud to say I work at CHS.”

What’s an average day in the life at CHS Holiday Club like?

Holiday Club starts at 8am with the children arriving and getting ready for the day ahead.

We have a different theme each week, and last week was Nature week.

In the morning we have creative activities on the art table, we have a construction table, plus action figures, dolls and prams. Loads to choose from!

At 10am it’s time for registration and a snack – Mrs Lennon and Mrs Scott serve up some fantastic toast!

Because it was nature week, Mr Shaw did a painting of a pebble bug with the children.

We then play outside after morning snack. We play games like badminton, cricket, tennis, football, giant bubbles, den making, and hide the golden egg! Once found, the golden egg has a treat inside.

In the afternoon, Miss Shaw made chocolate caterpillar cakes, which the children obviously loved!

We then go to the I.T suite where the children can choose to either play games or watch their favourite shows.

This is followed by our healthy afternoon snack at 3:45pm, which is lovingly prepared by Mrs Lennon and Mrs Scott.

It’s then time to clean the room and get it ready for the next adventurous day.

Miss Shaw then takes the children outside to play until their parents come to take them home. Some children are hesitant to do so because they are having so much fun with their friends at the holiday club!