Meet CHS’s 2023-2024 Head Pupils

A photo of the sixth form council head pupils of an independent school in Cheshire.

Say hello to this year’s Head Pupils, Maya, Jonathan and Naisha! We sat down with the group to learn a little about what they get up to and hear about their plans for the academic year…

Tell us a bit about yourselves!

Jonathan: Hello, my name is Jonathan and I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths in Sixth Form, and hope to study medicine in the future! Personally, I connect with the Waconian value of contribution the most, as having a real sense of community is really important to me and I love getting involved and having a go.

Naisha: Hello, I’m studying Economics, Maths and German and hope to go into finance or business in the future. My favourite of the Waconian values is Compassion. I feel that is the most important quality that one can have because if you have compassion, you will be kind to yourself and others. And you will carry yourself with integrity and resilience.

Maya: I’m currently studying Maths, Spanish and Art. I also studied Biology in Year 12, but I decided that I would rather focus on three subjects this year. I personally think that the Waconian value of integrity is really important. I value honesty and good morals in people and I think that any situation can be solved through honesty. Whether that’s not managing to complete your homework on time, or needing to have an honest conversation with someone close to you. Nothing is insurmountable if you speak your truth.

What do you get up to outside of lessons?

Jonathan: In regards to Co-Curricular, I am an avid saxophonist playing in Big Band, Concert Band and Saxophone Ensemble, and play badminton outside of school.

Naisha: I have been in many Co-Curricular clubs over the years like cricket and Zumba. Currently, I am the President of the Jain Hindu Sikh Society (JHS), as well as part of running Equalities Club. I am a leader of the Economics and Business Society and one of the School’s well-being ambassadors. Outside of School, I have been a dancer for 8 years, and now have begun to teach dance classes, not only that but I have undertaken a Yoga Teacher Training course, which has led me to be driven and grounded.

Maya: Throughout my time at CHS I’ve been involved in all sorts at School. I’ve been a regular attendee of Zumba and from Years 7-11 I took part in the school musical productions which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve also always been a committed member of the CHS Choir: singing is definitely one of my passions, along with painting, photography and language learning. In Sixth Form, I’ve enjoyed attending Philosophy Society where we delve into a different topic each week. 

How’s your final year going?

Jonathan: Being a Head Pupil has been a very eventful start to the year – with UCAS send-off imminent and the second year of A-levels beginning, time management is becoming an essential attribute, but the excitement and thrill I get from being busy makes this all the more enjoyable. I am rather shocked to be in my last year of CHS, it feels like only yesterday we were at Condover Hall in Year 7 but time flies. I am looking forward to the future and the next steps beyond CHS.

Naisha: So far the role of Head Pupil has been exciting, with so much more responsibility and the ability to let our plans and ideas come to fruition. We recently attended the Kings Mac Leadership Conference, and we gained a wonderful insight into different leadership styles, meeting other Student Leads has given us the opportunity to work on something much bigger. Honestly, being in my final year of school has employed mixed emotions. I am excited to begin a new chapter after school, but I am scared that I will miss the familiarity and the support that School has provided me.

Maya: So far, I’m genuinely really enjoying being a Head Pupil. We recently attended a sort of leadership training conference which was really interesting and I gained a lot from it on a personal level. We picked up some tips on how to effectively deal with conflict and also did a workshop to improve our confidence when speaking publicly. I also enjoy being a link between students and staff as I can bring student ideas to the attention of staff members. Being in my last year at CHS is definitely bittersweet. My time here has been unforgettable and undeniably played a key role in my development as a person but I also feel ready for my next chapter. I’m so excited to get stuck into the subjects I love at university and also to start living away from home in a new city. I just need to get my application in!

What are your goals as this year’s Head Pupils?

Jonathan: My goals as Head Pupil include: rekindling the Junior School mentor scheme, focussing on the CHS 2030 vision and representing the Student body’s view to the school leaders.

Naisha: One plan that I am looking forward to is our event for the Bursary Fund, but information on that will be brought to you later on in the year. I am looking forward to seeing everyone help support a fund that has already changed so many people’s lives.

Maya: I’m excited to lead a brilliant council this year. Each committee has great plans which they’re hoping to achieve such as the success of a new eco club, Equalities Society, loads of charity events and so much more. We’re also going to be organising a fundraiser after the new year, to raise money for the bursary fund which is hugely important to me. I feel so privileged to be given the opportunity to drive such positive action. 🙂