Scuttlers: A Senior School Production

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Fans of Peaky Blinders were in for a treat when our young thespians took to the boards for CHS’s annual Senior School Production which this year, was ‘Scuttlers’.

Inspired by the Manchester riots of 2011 and the Manchester gangs past and present, Rona Munro’s play brings nineteenth century and twentieth century sensibilities together to tell the story of the young factory workers of The Industrial Revolution.

View photos of all the action below and watch the films to discover more about the Scuttlers and Manchester in the Industrial Revolution.

Join the Scuttlers Walking Tour

If all this talk of Manchester street gangs has piqued your interest why not join a guided tour of Manchester and truly immerse yourself in what it was to be a Scuttler during The Industrial Revolution.

The guided tour is on 11 December and tickets are available to book via ParentPay.

Who were the Scuttlers?

Scenes and Songs


Act One

Scene 1 The Street

Scene 2 The Lodging House

Scene 3 Jersey Street, Morning

Scene 4 The Street, Evening

Scene 5 Prussia Street End, Evening

Scene 6 Prussia Street End, Evening

Scene 7  The Street, Night

Scene 8 Prussia Street End, Evening

Scene 9 The Lodging House

Act Two

Scene 1 The Street, Night

Scene 2 The Dispensary

Scene 3 The Street, Night

Scene 4 Prussia Street, Night

Scene 5 The Street, Dawn

Scene 6 The Dispensary

Scene 7 A Prison Cell/ On the Street

Scuttlers in Rehearsal

Archive Photos Of Scuttlers From Manchester