TeamCHS takes on the Wilmslow Half

A committed group of parents, staff, students, and Old Waconians have joined together to get active and take on a challenge with a cause.

TeamCHS are running the Wilmslow Half Marathon on 18 March 2018 in honour of students and former students who are currently battling, or have lost their battles with, cancer. Inspired by student, Callum Ballantine, who devoted the last year of his life to raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust, all money raised will be donated to this worthwhile charity. You can support the team by making a donation online and coming along on race day to cheer us along!

Let’s meet the team

David Jackson 1

David Jackson: Still going strong

Favourite race: Adlington Winter Warmer

Favourite place to run: anywhere when I’m on holiday (through the streets of Sydney then past the Opera House and the Botanical Gardens)

Inspired by: the children to whom I coach athletics… to prove that I can still beat some of them

Go to recovery snack:  I usually run before breakfast, so Weetabix with milk, raisins and pumpkin seeds followed by bread and honey (or Hot Cross Buns)

Interesting fact:  started running aged 28, still doing so 25 years later…but a lot slower

Target for the Wilmslow Half:  Time the 1 hour 40s, other target to raise as much money as I can for a brilliant cause

Andy: Ageing too quickly

Favourite place to run: Anywhere – it’s a stress release!

Inspired by: My dad

Go to recovery snack: Pint of real ale!

Interesting fact: Once appeared in Coronation Street

Target for the Wilmslow Half:  Starting it!

Charlotte Whatson: Busy/ Active/ Sociable

Charlotte Whatson

Favourite race: Tatton 10k

Inspired by: My father – despite being terminally ill he always maintained d a positive and cheerful outlook.  If he could do that I can run 13 miles.

Go to recovery snack: Peanut butter or honey on brown toast

Interesting fact: I am directly related to Admiral Vernon, after whom ‘grog’ was named, a form of watered down rum which he introduced to his sailors to control drunken behaviour on board his ships.

Target for the Wilmslow Half:  Will be happy just to cross the line in one piece as I have never attempted anything as daunting as this ever before!

Mr Jones: Educator, Athlete, Dad

Michael Jones Mike MG 7323

Favourite race: London Marathon 2017 was amazing and narrowly ahead of winning the ‘Team Santa Wythenshawe Park 6km Race 2014’ race with Mr Cooke and Mr Matthews.

Inspired by: Just staying fit and healthy

Go to recovery snack: Protein shakes of course

Interesting fact: I’ve climbed Mt Blanc, the tallest mountain in western Europe

Target for the Wilmslow Half: Sub 1 hour 40 minutes

Martin: Competitive, friendly, busy

Favourite place to run: Hampstead Heath, London.

Favourite race: Best race to have completed- London Marathon.

Inspired by: runners who I train with, much easier to find inspiration in a group than training by yourself. Weather also inspires me to run normally extremes hot sunshine or snow. Running in drizzle is boring!

Go to recovery snack: After a long run- Domino’s pizza, with stuffed crust.

Interesting fact: I have currently had 6 knee operations and go off walking through security in an airport.

Target for the Wilmslow Half: Currently to make it to the start line as I have been injured with Achilles tendonitis for the last few months. If I can get a good couple of months training beforehand my target time will be around 1:20.

Rachel Wolowczyk: Fast, faster, fastestRachel Wolowczyk

Favourite place to run: Early morning, somewhere cool, fresh and off-road

Inspired by: The great outdoors- freedom to run

Go to recovery snack: A banana and rehydration fluid

Interesting fact: I’m a kidney specialist – hence the focus on hydration

Target for the Wilmslow Half: To beat my son Adam (also on team CHS)!

Sarah: hard-working, determined, independent (my friends say that I don’t do things by halves)

Sarah Potts 1

Favourite place to run: within my local area of Strines – particularly alongside the river.

Inspired by: people who enjoy life and like to challenge themselves in all areas

Go to recovery snack: a banana followed by a heavily-buttered crumpet!

Interesting fact:  (now in my 40’s, I have quite a few of these and so not sure which one to pick!)  I have sat on a crocodile’s back and stroked his head.

Target for the Wilmslow half:  this is my first ever race so to finish it would be great!  I would love to complete it in 2 hours.

Clare: Tiny bit competitive

Favourite place to run:  The Mersey Trail between Didsbury and Sale is a well-trodden route for the McCarron family including Scout the dog (who might need her own Garmin soon)

Favourite race: London Marathon

Inspired by: There is a guy at my running club who has just taken up running again after many years off (he’s 68) and he’s really fast and he’s still improving. He pb’d at 5k this year in 19.21 at 68!! What an inspiration. The fact that my husband and I both run has encouraged all our kids to enjoy running too which inspires me to keep going to instil a love for sport, the outdoors and staying fit in the whole family.

Go to recovery snack: Banana and date smoothie with a boost of protein powder (if I’m feeling good) or a double decker (oops!!)

Interesting fact: I hate eggs but I love omelette

Target for the Wilmslow Half: No injuries would be good but I would like to PB as well. My current half marathon ‘within a marathon’ is better than my actual Half marathon time. I would be happy with 1.32 but delighted if I could get near 1.30.

Rahil: Meditator, Runner, Gardener

Rahil Saggar 1

Favourite place to run: The woods and mountains.

Inspired by: Mahatma Gandhi – he led my ancestral country to independence through an indomitable will

Go to recovery snack: Banana, Blueberry and Flaxseed Smoothie made with Oatmilk.

Interesting fact: I’m a closet vegan!

Target for the Wilmslow Half: 1hr 40min

Beth Ballantine: Welsh Blue Mancunian

Favourite place to run: love running along the river Mersey

Beth Ballantine 1

Inspired by:  Cal is and will forever be my inspiration to continue to push myself and live life to the full. The support TCT gave Cal and our family was invaluable,  Cal felt so strongly that this support should be available to every Teenager diagnosed with cancer, nobody should face this horrific journey alone. We continue to be overwhelmed by CHS community in their commitment to support and raise funds for TCT, and honoured that Cal and his MFM initiative is acknowledged as the inspiration behind CHS’s decision to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Go to recovery snack: protein milkshake

Interesting fact: there is a photograph of me in one of The Smiths album covers.

Target for the Wilmslow Half: My target is to finish the race, this is way out of my comfort zone!

Grace Mills: Bubbly, loud and energetic

Favourite place to run: On a netball court!

Inspired by:  Malala Yousafzai because she sticks to what she believes in and as a result has become an activist for female education and an inspiration to people all around the world at such a young age

Go to recovery snack: A milkshake from McDonald’s (for the protein of course!)

Interesting fact: I have been on the fastest zip wire in the world!

Target for the Wilmslow Half: My target is to finish it with a smile on my face!

Adam: Zealous, Determined and Rational

U6.10 Adam Wolowczyk

Favourite place to run: the morning countryside when it is cold and crisp.

Inspired by: the feeling that you get from running. I feel so free when I run- my mind is clear of troubles and worries, it is also a time in which I feel very creative.

Go to recovery snack: probably a nice crunchy nature valley bar.

Interesting fact: I play the Cello and also the lesser known Bassoon.

Target for the Wilmslow Half: to finish the race – I am not quite sure about predicted time yet. I do, however, strive to beat my much more experienced mum!


Favourite place to run: Most interesting run to date was on a business trip to San Francisco. I went for an early morning run (it was hot!) across the Golden Gate bridge.

Inspired by: I’m competitive – aiming to beat the target time inspires me to work harder for it

Go to recovery snack: Anything sweet

Target for the Wilmslow Half: Aiming to beat the time I did when I ran the same event when I was in Upper Sixth. About 91 minutes. I’ve got close over the last couple of years but not quite there.

Alex Uprichard or Alex for short: Busy, Enthusiastic, Competitive

Favourite place to run: I recently had a lovely frosty run around Central Park in New York which felt fantastic- especially as the last time I ran there was doing the last mile of the New York marathon…the experience this time around was much less anguished and much more enjoyable!

Inspired by: Jo Pavey – she won the 10,000 m gold medal at the 2014 European Championships, ten months after giving birth to her second child and became the oldest female European champion in history. Proof that getting older and becoming a mum are not barriers to success but make women even stronger and more resilient than ever!

Go to recovery snack: I don’t really recovery snack- one of my main motivations for running is so that I can ‘technically’ eat whatever I want, so if I have had a run day you are more likely to find me eating a massive pizza than having a protein shake. My New Year’s resolution is to be more consistent with the healthy diet part.

Interesting fact: I am currently doing a Yoga Foundation course, which is a precursor to a teaching qualification. I think running and yoga are the perfect exercise combination- with both offering amazing benefits for the mind, soul and body. Since I have combined yoga with running each week, I have been able to run further, go faster and need less recovery time. Throw in some social team sport (I play on the CHS mums netball team) and it gives a balanced fitness programme which works well for me.

Target for the Wilmslow Half: I did Birmingham half marathon not long after having my daughter Thea in 1hr 59… With my ‘yoga/run approach’ I hope to improve on this and get in the 1hr 40-50s zone- fingers crossed!

Steve: Dedicated, Family and Fun

Favourite place and race to run: Wilmslow Park run or Salford 10k (as its very flat !)

Inspired by: People like Brownlee brothers….my target is my first Triathlon in 2018 and Elon Musk a great innovator

Go to recovery snack: Strawberry protein shake and scrambled eggs on toast – usually at Nourish in Wilmslow.

Interesting fact: I do an annual trek up Snowden with the kids and support numerous charities

Target for the Wilmslow Half: Going sub 2 hrs and able to walk the next day!

Peter: Friendly, helpful and sporty

Favourite place and race to run: around Styal and the airport – out in the countryside. No particular favourite race, but London Marathon is magical for all the support you get.

Nobody in particular inspires me but…A friend dragged me to a running club and just felt good afterwards. Self-driven to try to stay fit and if possible improve race times.

Go to recovery snack: Eat Natural bars especially Apricot and Yoghurt.

Interesting fact:  Did cross country at school, stopped when I left in 1974 and started running again at the age of 53.

Target for the Wilmslow Half: Time to aim for is 1hr 40mins.

Penny: Dedicated, Enthusiastic and fun

Penny McKnight

Favourite place to run:  Lyme Park park run and road running around the Disley area.

Inspired by: The feeling I get from being fit and doing exercise is what inspires me, I honestly don’t feel great if I don’t.

Go to recovery snack: Porridge – I love it!

Interesting fact:  I’ve said “Hello” and “Goodbye” around a million times in my previous job!

Target for the Wilmslow Half: To finish in a time that doesn’t embarrass my 11 year old son!

Lisa: Trying my best!

Lisa Durrant

Favourite place to run: Along the Hudson River in New York. First thing in the morning it’s actually very calm, even though you’re in one of the biggest cities in the world.

Inspired by: Adventures – near or far, it’s impossible not to be inspired when you take yourself out of the everyday and put yourself somewhere new.

Go to recovery snack: After a run I’d rather have a smoothie.

Interesting fact: Music is my first love; I manage a band.

Target for the Wilmslow Half: Not coming last.