Textiles and Teddys: Sharing my passions – Grace (Sixth Form)

By Year 12, Grace Brown

I’m a lower sixth student called Grace, and I have always had a passion for art, in particular my love of textiles. I have always enjoyed sharing my hobby and teaching my skills to other people. Therefore, I decided to start a textiles club for the current Year 6’s where they would have the opportunity to learn new skills; such as embroidery, fabric stencilling and fabric painting. 

Each week, I taught a different workshop to a group of 14 students with the aim to create and design t-shirts for their own teddy bears. The tasks included; making mind maps about themselves, learning how to make fashion designs and practicing new textiles skills. Over the weeks that passed, their skills developed and unique pieces of art were created, where the students’ personalities all shone through in their samples.

The club lasted for 10 weeks and in the final week, we celebrated with a ‘‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’’ where the students had some sweet treats, chatted and explained who their teddy bears were and why they had chosen their design. Some examples included a firework, beach and floral themed t-shirt.

Each week I have enjoyed  working with a very enthusiastic and talented group of students. They produced some wonderful creative pieces and their skills developed.

IMG 2720