Why winning the U18s Ice Hockey National final is only the tip of the Iceberg – Jason (Lower Sixth)

By Jason, Lower Sixth


Lower Sixth Elite Sports Student Jason and his team Sheffield Steelhawks took home the trophy as National champions in the U18 Finals Gold game. Jason was also awarded the official ‘man of the match’ game puck by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) for exceeding performance in a quarter finals game. Here he reflects on their latest sporting success…

The recent triumph in the national ice hockey championship is a glowing testament to the exceptional support and opportunities provided by Cheadle Hume School’s Elite Sports Program. My journey with the program began in 2018, and it has since been a cornerstone of my athletic development, offering a wealth of resources, specialized training, and a platform that fosters excellence.

This past weekend’s game was a defining moment in our team’s journey. It was a display of our resilience, determination, and the spirit of sportsmanship that has been cultivated by our dedicated coaches and teachers. Their unwavering belief in us was a driving force on the ice, propelling us to perform at our best and ultimately secure the championship.

In this crucial game, I had the distinct honor of being awarded the man-of-the-match puck. This accolade, while a personal achievement, is also a reflection of our team’s collective effort and spirit. It symbolizes the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and the invaluable lessons learned through the Elite Sports Program as well as playing 11 years of ice hockey.

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The supportive and inclusive environment fostered by this school has been instrumental in my growth, both as an athlete and an individual. Being surrounded by elite sporting players who share similar passions and dedication to sports has allowed me to thrive, form invaluable friendships, and learn from others. The life skills acquired during this journey extend far beyond the ice rink, shaping us into well-rounded individuals ready to face any challenge.

Reflecting on the championship, it’s clear that this victory is more than just a win in a game. It’s a testament to the incredible opportunities and experiences that Cheadle Hume School, my coach and also my parents have provided.

I am so grateful for the role of Cheadle Hume School and its Elite Sports Program and everyone else who has helped me to thrive in my journey. The experiences, lessons, and victories, including the honor of winning the man-of-the-match puck, have shaped me into the athlete I am today. This journey has been about more than just sports; it’s been about growth, learning, and the power of community. For all of this, I am really thankful.