Cheadle Hulme School Land

Cheadle Hulme School lies within extensive land allocated a Green Belt.  In 1879 the School owned just 5 acres, but by 1946 further land was acquired in a pursuit of a policy of maintaining a green belt around the School.

To this day, the school land has remained in keeping with the aim of safeguarding the greenbelt, and the fields have been leased to a local farmer for sheep grazing since 1989; with public rights of way remaining an important link between Heathbank Road, Smithy Green, and Woking Road.

The land is accessible from the Medical Centre on Hulme Hall Road, Woking Road and bridges over the railway line on Heathbank Road and Three Acres Lane; members of the public are allowed onto the land, but must keep to the public rights of way or permissive pathways allowed by the School.

Any activities that could extend beyond the designated pathways are not allowed and dogs must be kept under control at all times.  Gates/entrances from gardens are not allowed; removing or cutting perimeter wiring puts livestock at risk – neighbours are asked not to cover, cut or flatten any fencing.

If you have any questions about Cheadle Hulme School land or any other part of the school’s activities, please email with your comments and views.