Biology GCSE Exam Information

The aim of the Biology course is to enable pupils to learn about the unifying themes in Biology and acquire the understanding of Biological facts, principles and concepts. In addition the course enables pupils to appreciate the practical nature of the subject, developing their experimental and investigate skills.


Pupils follow the Edexcel International GCSE Biology or Double Award Science specification. The GCSE course begins for everyone in Year 9, at the end of which pupils choose to pursue Biology through Double Award or Single Sciences. In Years 10 and 11 they complete their GCSE courses and take exams at the end of Year 11. Pupils are awarded grades 9-1 at the end of the course.


Reading and Resources

Pupils have access to the Edexcel text book in lessons and are given a condensed form of the book to keep at home. Most pupils also choose to purchase a revision guide for a nominal amount, which contains useful exam notes. Pupils can access Twig World which is an online resource showing fantastic clips and animations to help them understand the subject. In addition, they can access a range of resources through their Schoology course page. Throughout the course, we will recommend outside reading to compliment the nature of the topics being studied.

Nevertheless, pupils should be independent learners who read, watch and listen to areas of relevancy. Keeping up to date with current developments in Biology is hugely important and as such, forms a significant part of discussions in lessons.


Exam Board:

Edexcel International GCSE Biology

Edexcel International GCSE Double Award Science