Classical Civilisation and Latin

Classics offers an insight into the ancient world – how people lived, what they believed and how they structured their societies.


By studying myth and legend, pupils develop an understanding of archetypes; this in turn gives them a depth of knowledge in key character types that feature in many stories throughout history.

Trips to Pompeii, Rome and Herculaneum take place regularly, complemented by visits to sites closer to home.

Classical Civilisation is taught in Year 7 and the subject is offered again as as A Level option for Sixth Form students in Key Stage 5.

In Year 7 students study:

  • ancient sites
  • architecture
  • myths
  • legends
  • the origin of the Olympic Games.

In the Sixth Form, students can opt to study Classical Civilisation and/or Latin at A Level.


Far from being a ‘dead’ language, Latin is very much alive and kicking at CHS.

From Year 8 students study Latin following the Cambridge Latin Course and it remains an option for students up to A Level. Students take part in the annual Latin and Greek Reading Competition and students attend a variety of Classical Summer Schools.

Alongside their studies, A Level Latin students at CHS take part in the annual Latin and Greek Reading Competitions and students have the opportunity to attend a variety of Classical Summer Schools.

In addition to trips across the UK and internationally, students can take part in co-curricular clubs including Classics Club and Latin Scrabble Club.

Classical Greek

Classical Greek may also be continued in Year 10 and Year 11 as a twilight subject, i.e. after school or at lunchtimes. The course leads up to GCSE and is very similar in format to Latin GCSE.